The Key to the Growth of Your Healthcare Practice is Building Trust!

You don’t need to look for more patients or clients. You just need to build a trusted healthcare brand, so patients and clients find you. What you really NEED is an effective trust-building branding and marketing strategy directed at your core audience.

Together We Can Elevate Your Brand Trust Factor to New Heights.

You already have a great practice and business. Let us help you make sure your patients and customers don’t doubt it for a second.

It’s no secret that you have spent years building a viable healthcare business by providing exceptional care and quality products and services. You have a great team that takes care of your patients and clients.
But …

You feel like you are experiencing stalled growth. You don’t seem to attract patients or clients fast enough to counter your customer losses. You wonder, how can that be?

Your products and services are top-notch, and you have years of experience to back them up. So, what gives?

It’s simple really. It all comes down to:


Why is building trust vital in healthcare?

In the healthcare industry a potential patient or client evaluates multiple aspects before deciding to put their well-being in someone else’s hands:

All these questions are based on a high amount of uncertainty coupled with a high amount of risk.

We can break it down with a simple equation:

Trust Eqaution

The question is… How do you establish absolute trust?

We Understand Your Pain Point.

In fact, we specialize in helping medical practices and healthcare businesses such as yours establish trust with their patients and clients. Our unique process has proven effective at delivering results for large and small clients alike. Over the past 20 years, our CMOs have successfully consulted numerous medical practices and healthcare companies such as yours to establish trusted brands and overcome their slow or stalled growth.

How Can You Achieve That?

Through our partnership with Marstudio, an award-winning and experienced corporate branding & strategic advertising firm hyper-focused on expert visual marketing, you now have the advantage of leveraging the…

M.A.R.S. Method

of Engagement

M.A.R.S. stands for Managed. Assets. Resource. Strategists.


Benefiting from an integrated executive management team to ensure streamlined communication and project management.


Creating effective custom assets, content, and solutions tailored to establish trust with your target audience.


Operating within allotted resources aligned with your identified timeline and budget.


Gaining guidance to execute proven strategies that deliver successful and measurable outcomes.

How Does M.A.R.S. Method Work for You?

We have discovered that medical practices and healthcare businesses such as yours that invest in increasing the trust factor of their brand experience a higher volume of referrals, which helps you maintain your existing patient and customer intake and enjoy robust growth.

Your healthcare customers and patients don’t care about the latest technology or flashy offices. They care about the outcome when it comes to their health or the health of their loved ones. If you establish a trusted connection with them that addresses their primal need to survive and thrive, you have their attention.

Businessman Guiding Client

So How Can You Earn their Trust?

By accessing our simple 3-step process delivered through the M.A.R.S. Method, we will enable you to identify your brand’s trust factor issues or lack thereof, plan a Brand Strengthening Roadmap, and execute the outlined solutions to perfection to get your medical practice or healthcare business the trusted brand recognition it deserves.


Our CMOs will conduct a complete brand and marketing audit for you.

This comprehensive assessment will look at every aspect of your brand starting with your logo and tagline, then expanding the audit to your digital assets such as your website and other online social and professional platforms, rating sites, and end with evaluating all your marketing assets to identify messaging and visual issues that are preventing your practice or business from gaining the trust factor it needs.


Our Chief Strategists will plan a Brand Strengthening Roadmap for you.

This collaborative consultative session is designed to listen to you and understand the challenges you face from your perspective. Explore your budget and timeline considerations that align with your goals. Then, assess the findings and generate a comprehensive Brand Strengthening Roadmap that includes all recommended solutions needed to transform your brand into a charismatic and trusted medical practice or business.


Our Execution Team will help develop an implementation strategy for you.

Our work is not done yet. Now that we have the blueprint for success, we determine the level of effort needed to execute the Brand Strengthening Roadmap. Then we provide you with options to have us do it all for you or consult you on the execution of the plan by collaborating with your internal marketing department resources.

Why Suffer Brand Trust Issues When You Have the Cure?

Benefit from a Proven Track Record of Getting Results
Marstudio Genesis Health Care Sample Work

When Genesis Healthcare, a Federally Qualified Healthcare Center, approached Marstudio they were suffering from a brand trust issue in their community.

Even though they had the best and most affordable care available for their economically challenged patients and customers, they would continuously lose to the local hospitals and other clinics. The perception among their target audience was that they did not provide the same level of care as other regional hospitals and clinics.

Leveraging their philosophy and tagline, “Deeply Rooted in The Community”, we developed a robust brand strategy and execution plan. We designed a powerful and expansive brand family that gave Genesis a strong competitive edge and made their organization the gold standard for community healthcare. The success of their rebrand was so abrupt that they struggled to accommodate the influx of patients that now considered them the premier healthcare facility in the area. We helped them overcome their branding challenges and they were able to focus on their rapid expansion to serve their community.

Together We Can Elevate Your Brand Trust Factor to New Heights.

You already have a great practice and business. Let us help you make sure your patients and customers don’t doubt it for a second.

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