Service Level Agreement For Isp

4.2. Guaranteed operating time for services (operating time). The simplest redundancy you can create is literally a manual tipping mechanism with the additional Internet line replacement. If you have z.B a T1 or MPLS connection in your office as your main Internet line, you should keep a low-cost DSL or cable connection at the office so you can manually change your WAN connection within a few minutes of the outage. Not ideal, but works on a certain level. Latency is the most important for companies that run real-time applications such as video conferencing, surveillance systems or VoIP. Disposable latency of 100 ms or less is well suited to these applications. But if you are a player, with quick reflexes, then 50 ms or less is ideal. Studies show that even the most attentive eyes cannot perceive latency below 20 ms. Small differences in latency, less than 20 ms, therefore do not distinguish significantly the services. Commercial services generally guarantee unilateral latency of 25 ms or less, suitable for almost all cloud applications. Service credits are the typical compensation for missed ALS metrics.

Service credits can be complicated to compare. The promise of 100% operating time is an example. We all know that every service and every product has downtime. Nothing is 100%. Nevertheless, some ALS all 100% uptime. But if you read the fine print, corrective action will only apply when the service has fallen to 99.95%, which may be the same level as the 99.99% time guarantees to remedy it. In case of chronic problems, contracts can usually be terminated without penalty. The savvy buyer will also dig into service credits to fully assess the expected level of performance for his business. 4.5.1. The planned technical work is always carried out during the lowest working hours of Internet users. Technical work temporarily restricts access to the service.

3.1.3. System administration work not described in paragraph 3.1.2. can only be carried out electronically in the supplier`s “billing system” in the “Support Centre” section after first-line agreement with technical service specialists. Some works can be performed on a paid basis. The terms of this agreement do not apply to the speed and quality of such work. Also note that internet service providers resell services provided by the networks of other network operators.