Ucsf Bargaining Agreement

For more information on a particular bargaining unit`s contract and its provisions, see the left-hand links. UC Berkeley`s current bargaining units are listed in alphabetical order. Below are details of the ongoing negotiations and existing employment contracts with each bargaining unit. Select your trading unit below for more information. Non-exclusive representatives: Non-exclusive representatives are workers who are not subject to a bargaining unit and who do not have an exclusive representative (i.e. employees involved in The Policy). Workers who do not report to a bargaining unit may elect a non-exclusive representative who may or may not be a union representative (independent of union affiliation) or a lawyer. If you need help with work/management interactions, collective guidelines/agreements, or to resolve employment issues, contact the Laboratory and Industrial Relations (LER). Labor and Employee Relations (LER) provides comprehensive professional services in the area of labour relations and labour relations for a large number of campus and medical centre clients.

LER serves as a resource not only for employees, supervisors and managers, but also as representatives of UCSF in work/management interactions. We help solve employment issues, help manage staff policy and practice, collective agreements, national and federal law, and regularly support the role of departmental advisors in partnership with our colleagues across human resources. Public Employment Relations Board (PERB): The Public Relations Council for Employment (PERB) is the agency legally designated for the designation of HEERA. Perb is responsible for managing collective agreements for staff at California public schools, colleges and universities, as well as with California state staff. Perb also applies the status of collective agreements for staff of local public authorities in California (cities, counties and special districts). PerB certifies new bargaining units, judges unfair labour practices and listens to cases that workers raise against unions based on the “duty of fair representation” doctrine. Exclusive representative: An exclusive representative is a union representing a group of workers in a unit of collective agreements on wages, hours and other conditions of employment.