Unenforceable Credit Agreements Pre 2007

If the debt has no default date, if you stop paying now, a default will be added and it will fall in 6 years. That is not good news. Read What should be the default date? and ask the original creditor to add a default date for years. I`d write to the three of them. Just say that the CCA agreement has not been submitted and therefore the debt is currently unenforceable in court, so you will not pay. Add that if they produce later, you will continue the payments. These debts will never appear on your credit report again. And the demand for a CCA agreement is a very good idea with such an old debt. If you haven`t paid any debts for years and you`re not charged by a creditor, you need a good reason to apply for the CCA agreement. It may be best to wait to find out if you are contacted and then ask the CCA. If insolvency (DRO, IVA or bankruptcy) seems necessary, requesting CCA agreements can be a waste of time, unless the payment of that debt makes the rest manageable. If a claim is not applicable, it should be mentioned in all letters requesting payment.

Here is what I proposed to a reader who received letters that omitted this important fact: “The debt collector cannot prove that it is my debt, but wants to pay” CL Finance did not come to the hearing and lost by default, but at the request of Mr. Yates` lawyers, the judge also ruled that the guilt was unenforceable. While this prevents the lender from suing the debt for the time being, the verdict means that it can still put additional pressure on a borrower to pay, for example by threatening to inform credit reference agencies that the borrower is late. After my father`s death in the spring, I discovered evidence of a pile of credit card debt (not to mention the release of mortgage shares, etc.) — seven different accounts with a total value of >40k — now I have informed the companies involved (although each of these was purchased by original lenders) and asked for details as executor of the estate. One bank even destroyed all its old credit and credit card contracts by political means. I`m sorry, but you`ve posted a lot on different pages.