Why Choose MEDmar Solutions for Your Branding & Marketing 

MEDmar is an experienced, award-winning medical branding and strategic marketing firm. As the healthcare-focused division of the highly qualified firm Marstudio, we provide extremely diverse and augmented marketing department capabilities by formulating strategies that are scalable for healthcare companies of all sizes & sectors. We specialize in consultation,  marketing strategy, graphic design, branding, print design, web design and development, multimedia, film, photography and other creative/technical disciplines. Utilizing an elite and agile executive marketing department model, we possess the professional and technical expertise you expect from a large agency, without the layers of bureaucracy and slow response time.

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The Secret to Our Success


As a MEDmar client, your needs are met through the involvement of our entire organization. Fostering inter-departmental collaboration to support your projects, we create an easy and efficient transition from concept, to design, to development.


Whether you’re a startup, mid-size company, or a Fortune 500, we have solutions that can help you get off the ground, continue your growth, or maintain your competitive edge. At MEDmar, we take the time to thoroughly understand your business, competition, and your target demographic in order to consult you on the best strategy and design, and help you achieve your marketing goals.


With MEDmar, you benefit from quick turnaround times on each and every project and your input is valued at every aspect of the design and development process. We will contact you throughout the project to talk about your opinions, potential revisions, and final approval. Our expertise and diligence will yield the best results possible for you and your business.


At MEDmar, we strive to be an extension of your marketing department. No task is too little and we dedicate 100% of our efforts and talents to every project. Our dedication to our clients is unparalleled…and for that reason alone we boast over a 90% retention rate among our clients.

What Our Clients Say

At MEDmar our clients satisfaction is factored into our formula for success. Read how our clients feel about working with us to reach new heights in their medical businesses.

We have a company that hosts medical software in the Cloud and provides consulting services for medical practices. We first met MEDmar at Greenway’s Engage Conference five years ago. We were impressed with their graphics design capabilities. MEDmar has designed logos for several of our practices that are distinct and people remember them. They also provide marketing materials that have been very effective in growing practices. MEDmar has professional people that listen and provide us with insight that you will not find at other companies. We are thrilled that we met them at a time when we had just begun to grow rapidly. They have been a great resource for us. I recommend MEDmar to any business that wants to grow.

Jim Livingston
CEO | StormPrime, Inc.
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