MEDmar’s Medical Web Services

MEDmar can help your medical practice or healthcare company gain the web presence that it needs to grow. Our modern, diverse, and professional website design capabilities can give medical companies of any size, budget, or brand the website that they want and that they need.

Website Consultation

MEDmar’s expertise extends beyond our basic web related services. Our knowledge can be a guide and an asset for your medical practice or healthcare business. We will operate as an extension of your marketing department, allowing you to put our expertise to work and utilize us as an invaluable resource for your company’s growth. Don’t hesitate to contact us and pick our brains for anything web related or otherwise. We guarantee we can provide the best guidance and advice possible. Please contact us to find out about our web consulting services.

Website Design

At MEDmar we believe in elegant, functional web design. We’ve created success for our healthcare clients by creating websites that enhance the user experience, and delivering intuitive layouts and clear content placement and calls to action. Employing the most modern technologies available and diligence we increase the usability of every website we design. The MEDmar team strives to understand each particular medical business inside and out to create designs that address the needs of your patients and customers. Please visit the Web section of our portfolio to view some of our latest work.

Website Development

At MEdmar we fully understand that the world of web development is a constantly changing world. We strive to keep pace with the latest technologies available, so we can create medical and healthcare websites that function seamlessly on the back end to give you peace of mind.  We provide a full suite of development solutions, from simple HTML websites to content management systems (CMS) powered by WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and many other available frameworks. Our talented development team is well-versed in XHTML and CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, .NET, and a plethora of other languages. We tackle projects of all sizes and budget with the same focus and strive for execution, each having the latest W3C compliance. Please visit the Web section of our portfolio to view some of our latest development work.

Website Hosting

All website needs a safe and reliable place to live and MEDmar provides a plethora of hosting solutions. We will help you research and purchase domain names, set up your hosting service and corporate email, and much more. Our hosting solutions are some of the best on the Internet and we offer a multitude of options starting from simple shared hosting to fully secure private servers. We also provide special, tiered, and secured online transaction capable e-Commerce hosting options for heavily trafficked e-Commerce websites. Our hosting partners are all, Green, certified carbon neutral entities. Please contact us for more information about our website Hosting services.

Website Maintenance

MEDmar offers a number of website maintenance solutions to help keep medical or healthcare websites up to date and accurate.  We offer a variety of service subscriptions that are tailored to your medical company’s needs. Each maintenance package has been designed to keep your website content fresh, relevant, and SEO friendly. Having relevant and up-to-date content is key to increasing organic rankings on Google and other search engines. The more you update your content , the more you increase your chances of becoming relevant in search queries to your potential customers or patients. Please contact us to find out more about our website maintenance packages.

Search Engine Strategy

MEDmar is extremely search engine conscious when it comes to our website design, development, and content creation. We take every measure to ensure your medical company’s website is optimized for Google and other engines ever changing algorithms. Our sustained search engine campaigns have successfully provided exceptional results for our customers on a consistent basis. We provide a variety of search engine optimization solutions from transforming simple copy to web ready content with effective keywords to fully managed pay per click campaigns. Please contact us for more information.

Email Design

MEDmar has extensive experience with designing emails for healthcare businesses and setting up delivery campaigns. We fully understand the ins and outs of effective email layouts based on target audience and demographics. We can set up and manage sustained email campaigns that will maximumize your ROI. We understand the message, product, and service your healthcare company is trying to reflect and we can help get that message out to the world as effectively as possible. MEDmar offers a multitude of email campaigns that suit your marketing needs. Please contact us for more information.

Flash Animation

Flash is one of the best ways to create dynamic and eye-catching sophistication to your website. This medium can enhance your medical websites content delivery significantly. At MEDmar, we are experts at creating Flash modules that effectively display your product’s features or build a completely animated demo to showcase a product or service with amazing detail. We also can create interactive modules to engage your potential patients and customers and better educate them about what your healthcare company has to offer. Flash is a versatile medium and with MEDmar’s flash expertise you can take the content of your website to the next level. Please contact us to find out more.

Blog Implementation

The simplicity of MEDmar’s blog implementation gives your medical business a seamless platform to express the new and ever-growing knowledge of the medical and healthcare industry in no time. We provide a wide variety of blogging solutions with a multitude of features that could increase the organic ranking of your website and keep your users informed of what is happening with your business, or simply the medical industry as a whole. Please contact us to find out more about our blog implementation capabilities.

Copy Writing & Editing

Have you ever wondered who comes up with all those witty marketing slogans or the touching commercial scripts? Smart and clever copywriters, and MEDmar has some of the best in business. Let us enhance the content of your medical website. We can create from scratch or optimize your current content for better Google and search engine rankings. Your content is the aspect of your website and marketing that speaks directly to potential patients and customers. MEDmar’s copywriters have the ability to turn otherwise ordinary copy into something impactful that will attract new patients and customers and garner more attention and help you get better results. Please contact us to find out more about our copy writing and editing capabilities.