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Finding it challenging to increase your medical brand's visibility? You're not alone. Fragmented marketing efforts might be the cause. We have a proven success record in helping medical companies elevate their brand presence and increase market share. Leveraging our unique Engagement and Execution methodology, we help identify and understand your target audience, refine your brand positioning, and unify your marketing efforts for maximum ROI.


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Discover how medical businesses have benefited from our healthcare-focused strategic guidance and meticulously executed branding and marketing collateral. Explore the following select case studies or click the button below to view all.


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MEDmar Solutions was conceived with the primary focus of helping medical businesses grow and succeed. Whether you are a medical practice, biomedical company, life sciences business, medical device manufacturer, hospital, or pharmaceutical company, we have the expertise and track record to deliver the results you are looking for. With over 25 years of experience, we have crafted our branding and marketing services to suit the unique needs of healthcare entities. Using our proprietary Engagement and Execution Methodology, we provide robust healthcare marketing and branding solutions that have consistently delivered results for all our clients. Explore our list of services below or book your free discovery call with one of our experienced fractional CMOs today.


MEDmar’s healthcare branding and marketing strategy capabilities provide you with proven solutions to help your medical business gain a significant advantage over your competition.

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With over two decades of experience in creating successful medical brands under our belt, we have the expertise to deliver the brand exposure your medical business needs.

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In an impersonal digital world, print can give your medical business the personal touch it needs to stand out. We have tailored our healthcare print solutions to help your business thrive.

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MEDmar’s robust website design and development capabilities will help your medical business deliver cutting-edge digital presences that capture the attention of your target audience.



From email design to high-impact social media graphics and engaging presentations, we have the expertise to produce high-impact assets to help effectively communicate your message.

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Get your healthcare business noticed with our robust short-form social media clips, long-form educational videos, and high-impact product or lifestyle photography solutions.

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We strive to deliver what our clients envision. Our track record of successes speaks for itself. Here are some of our success stories.


“Finding the right creative agency to partner with can be challenging, but from the very beginning, I knew I found the right partner in the MEDmar team. The entire  team listens to our needs and wants, and finds a balance between the two to create solutions that are a perfect fit. The MEDmar business model is flexible, efficient, and smart – and to me, that is paramount in finding a real (and right) partner. All the creative work to date has been delightful and on spot every time.”

Amy Pesa
Shareable Ink

“We have a company that hosts medical software in the Cloud and provides consulting services for medical practices. We first met MEDmar at Greenway’s Engage Conference five years ago. We were impressed with their graphics design capabilities. MEDmar has designed logos for several of our practices that are distinct and people remember them. They also provide marketing materials that have been very effective in growing practices. MEDmar has professional people that listen and provide us with insight that you will not find at other companies. We are thrilled that we met them at a time when we had just begun to grow rapidly. They have been a great resource for us. I recommend MEDmar to any business that wants to grow.

James Livingston
CEO | StormPrime, Inc.

“MEDmar has been an invaluable asset to our growing practice. Their work revamping our website and helping us to make continuous and timely updates has made our recent move a breeze. Our account rep is a dream to work with as well!”

Kate Buck
Sonoran Sky Pediatrics

Explore the MARS. Method of Engagement and Execution

The following video explains how your medical practice or healthcare company can benefit from our MARS. Engagement and Execution Methodology.

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We have had the privilege of collaborating with some of the most iconic healthcare brands over our 25 years of business. Our clients include medical practices, biomedical companies, medical device manufacturers and retailers, pharmaceuticals, hospitals, life sciences companies, non-profit healthcare organizations, medical insurance providers, and more.

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Our blog posts are filled with useful information that can help increase your medical brand’s market visibility. Our expert staff dedicate their time to bringing you the latest healthcare branding and marketing insights to help you gain an advantage over your competition and grow your business.

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