MEDmar’s Medical Branding Services

MEDmar Solutions, an expert medical branding firm, serves several related sectors as your augmented medical branding agency, healthcare branding agency, dental branding agency, life science branding agency, & healthcare branding firm.

MEDmar has the experience and expertise to create unique medical and healthcare branding for your practice or business. Our various services cover logo design, branding sheets, typeface development, and full medical brand strategy that will attract new patients and customers to your healthcare brand. Explore how our medical branding services can help your business.

Logo Design

Every healthcare business needs an identity. A brand can become a powerful tool once it is established. At MEDmar we are experts at creating an identity that fits your business. We take your ideas about who you are and transform them into meaningful icons that can effectively give your medical brand the identity it needs to stand out. Please contact us to discuss your brand ideas and find out how we can help you create a logo that can reinforce your healthcare business identity for years to come. You can view some of our best logo designs by visiting the branding section of our portfolio.

Logo Family Design

It’s a common misconception that once a logo is designed the branding exercise is over. This might have been true 25 years ago but in age of communication and technology every medical business will need a family of logos to expand their brand appeal and versatility. Different communication avenues require different branding designs to match. At MEDmar we are experts in creating logo families for your healthcare business. We analyze your marketing efforts and create logos that will have the best impact and visibility no matter what marketing medium you choose to promote your business. Please contact us to find out more about our medical logo family design services. You can view some of our best logo family designs in our Branding portfolio.

Typeface Design

At MEDmar we can design and execute a typeface that represents your healthcare business in the best manner possible and help elevate your medical brand to new heights. Sometimes a simple logo is not enough. Combining the logo with a great typeface can increase the versatility and impact of your logo ten fold. Typefaces are powerful iconic elements that can accompany a logo or stand on their own to deliver your medical brand’s message. Please contact us to find out more about our typeface design services. Visit our Branding portfolio to see some of our best typeface designs.

Branding Sheets

MEDmar can prepare a comprehensive branding sheet document for your medical business that outlines every possible logo usage for your business across all marketing mediums. Once a logo, typeface and the logo family is created they all need to be given proper usage descriptions so that a wrong logo is not used on a wrong marketing medium. This  ensures that your medical brand identity is never diluted and it is preserved at all times. Please contact us to find out more about our branding sheet preparation services and visit our Branding portfolio to see some of our best medical branding sheet.

Branding Guides

At MEDmar we are experts at setting the parameters and helping build guides for your medical brand  to ensure its consistency across all marketing mediums. Some businesses require more control over how their brand is used across all marketing mediums. That is when a branding guide, that outlines every possible usage of a brand, is required. The branding guide provides clear guidelines for logo usage, color implementation, fonts and etc. Please contact us today to find out more about our medical branding guide services. You can also view some of our best branding guide designs by visiting our Branding portfolio.

Brand Strategy

At MEDmar we provide brand strategy consulting services that can help you elevate your medical or healthcare brand to new heights so it can become a household name in your industry. Every brand requires a strategy to become a viable identity. Marketing a brand is an integral part of gaining brand recognition but how to market and where to market the brand is as important, and MEDmar can help identify and execute the best medical brand strategy. Please contact us to find out more about our brand strategy services.