2021 Brings a New Standard for Healthcare Marketing

Long gone are the days prior to Covid when patients seeking medical advice were comfortable with walking into the clinic. With so many getting sick, it became safer to look for medical recommendations online. And with the new Delta variant stirring up trouble, we can expect that people will continue to seek out advice online.

What does this mean for your practice? It means that more and more people will be looking at your online presence. This brings with it new standards that patients have come to expect.

A User-Friendly Website
The most crucial thing that patients expect is a modern, user friendly website. This is the primary way that new patients will find you and their first impressions will be formed here. If you haven’t updated your website in a few years, now is the time to do so.

Alternative Ways to Communicate
Telehealth has made major leaps and bounds in the past year. Patients don’t want to walk into the office if they don’t have to. Having alternate methods of communicating with your patients is crucial in these times. This can include updating your phone services or offering virtual meetings with patients. Providing these services will give your practice a modern advantage and make your more reputable.

A good website is important, but, how well your website functions on a mobile device is just as important. While many households still have access to a desktop or laptop computer, many do not and primarily use a mobile device for their internet browsing. To ensure you are available to these users, your website must be mobile responsive.

Engaging Social Media
Social media has been on the rise for years. Now with everyone turning to their social media pages to stay up to date, you also must stay up to date. Posting engaging, eye catching social media content will keep your patients informed and pull in new patients.
If you are looking to keep up with the new expectations for medical marketing, reach out to the experts at MedMar Solutions today!