The Benefits of DBA Marketing: Specialty Marketing – The MEDmar Approach

Marketing is the foundation for business development and finding ways to combine the two seamlessly is key to successfully running a company that is constantly growing. In this blog series, “The Benefits of DBA Marketing,” we will discuss how Marstudio, in an effort to keep our growth constant, uses a Doing Business As (DBA) method, a tool that combines marketing and business development seamlessly through the creation of a separate brand, to help grow our client base. We will present insight into using this technique to help guide your company in creating new avenues of business development.

It has often been said… (I think there is a cliché coming…) “You can’t know where you are going if you don’t know where you came from.” (Ahh, there it is!) As cliché as it may sound, most clichés have some truth to them. And this one, in particular, is essential for understanding marketing and business development, or “biz dev.” As companies look for growth strategies, it is important for them to look back on their strengths and the areas in which they have thrived in the past, and see if there is still room for them to grow in those places, while also balancing those cash cows with new business. That is what we did, and as a result MEDmar Solutions was born.

Using Internal Data for Business Development

In our history as a company, Marstudio has evolved time and time again to keep us on the track of success as the world around us has changed. To determine where we would go with our new growth, we decided to look back. MEDmar Solutions was the result of our recent evolution. We found that medical companies have always had a strong presence in our client portfolio and with our experience in this industry, we could put a focus on pursuing companies in this silo. But, on the path to finalizing our approach, we identified two very important factors while working with our medical clients that impacted how we’d move forward:

  • Medical companies want marketing help from experts who understand their specialized market, as well as their complex products and services
  • Because of the nature of this industry, solicitation marketing was a better approach than attraction marketing

The Creation of the MEDmar Brand

Extracting these two points became a vital factor in shaping how we would go about growing our medical portfolio and the birth of MEDmar Solutions. We knew our capabilities could meet the marketing needs of any medical business, but we felt that maybe our “Marstudio” brand wasn’t the best fit. Marstudio is known for being your one-stop shop for all things marketing (strategy, web, branding, etc.) including creative design and strategy. Although our creativity leads to successful brands and designs, and isn’t an obstacle to creating branding that fits the landscape of the medical industry, many company owners may not see that. So, we determined that we needed a brand that medical companies could see and say, “Ahh, yes, this company is capable of selling our products/services because they understand our industry.”

We focused on this look and messaging with the MEDmar branding. Starting from our Marstudio logo, we used a sharply outlined version of it and replaced the high-impact red with a subtler white fill. This design reflects how MEDmar (medical marketing) can approach the marketing and branding of these medical companies with a clean, simplified, and almost surgical approach. It instantly tells companies that we can create branding that showcases sophisticated innovation and skill, as we have time and time again in the past with other medical branding projects.

The Specialty Marketing Advantage

With the MEDmar brand, we created a balance between catching the attention of companies that needed our assistance, without pigeonholing our parent company and brand, because at the end of the day, a company that just makes websites for lawyers, will more than likely only capture lawyers as their clients. We did not want this to be the case for us and that motivated our approach of creating a separate brand that specialized in medical marketing.

That is why MEDmar Solutions was created as a DBA (doing business as) brand, someone that companies know they can get expert and focused medical marketing solutions from. We wanted to approach this ever-growing industry the same way Nike approaches new sports markets. Creating a sub-brand like NikeSB with skateboarding, which focuses on a particular market. As with NikeSB, it had to go beyond just the name and logo. That is why we also created product and service offerings to go along with it, giving companies simple marketing packages that they can choose from easily and quickly, depending on their needs.

We have seen companies turn down services from multi-capability companies before, because they wanted to work with businesses who specialized in their industry. This usually resulted in a poorer execution of the final product(s), which must be avoided.

It is too often that companies do not realize the creative and executional benefits of working with a company who has a diverse client portfolio. With the DBA approach, both sides of the equation benefit. That means Marstudio benefits by now being able to capture the attention of audiences that may get distracted by the “noise” of our full value proposition, and companies who feel that because we are a creative firm with a diverse portfolio, we don’t have the expertise to market in specific industries don’t miss out on the opportunity to gain access to a white glove service that can give them creative and diverse solutions, which other specialty companies cannot.

All in all, they can reap the same benefits they would if they went with the specialty companies, but now with Marstudio as a partner, they can do it at a higher quality. In other words, specialty marketing creates value for tunnel vision on both sides and MEDmar is the light at the end of that tunnel.