How to Tell It Is Time to Update Your Marketing

Its Older Than 2 years
If you created your current marketing strategy more than two years ago or if you cannot recall when it was last updated, then it is time to look into updating it. Trends and styles are constantly changing. Look at the marketing material you currently have and ask yourself if it is still relevant.

It No Longer Aligns with Your Brand
Businesses evolve and that means your marketing should as well. Maybe you have rebranded, or your company’s values have shifted. Perhaps the tone used to work for you but no longer does. If this is the case, you may want to explore some marketing materials that will better reflect your business.

Trends Have Changed
Does your marketing material feel dated? Trends are always changing. For instance, you may have focused your social media marketing on Facebook when you started. However, now there are many other social media platforms that get a lot of traffic. Look into what trends are popular now and update your marketing accordingly.

You Have New Products or Services
Perhaps the look of the material is still viable, but you have new and exciting products or services that are not included. You should be getting the word out about all your business has to offer. If you’re marketing materials are missing anything it is time to update them.

You Have A New Budget
Whether your budget has increased or decreased, it has likely changed since starting your current marketing strategy. Take a long look at how much you have to spend on marketing and decide which route is the best for your current budget.

You Are Not Mobile
Computers are now in everyone’s pockets and younger generations are relying on their phones more so than a computer. If your website does not translate well to mobile devices, then it is time to update it.

If any of these reflect issues you are having with your marketing strategy, give the experts at Marstudio a call!