Seasonal Marketing Tips for Your Practice

If you couldn’t tell from the allergies and pollen, the seasons have officially changed. If the weather changes every so often, why shouldn’t your marketing strategy? We have some tips for updating your marketing strategy for each season.

Seasonal Emails
Don’t feel like you have time to send out an email every month? Seasonal emails will give you opportunities to reach out to your subscribers. For example, your winter email could explain the difference between the cold and a flu and when is the right time to see a doctor for either.

Seasonal Social Content
Keep your social media and blog fresh and up to date by adding seasonal content. Blogs about skin protection in the sun are more relevant during the hotter months of Spring and Summer. And the imagery you use should reflect the season when people will be seeing in on social media.

As you know, SEO works best when you have relevant, new content. So, keeping it fresh by changing with the seasons is a great way to increase your searches and views.

Bring Awareness
Just as it seems there is a holiday every month, there are numerous health care observances. These are great opportunities to post timely relevant content. And by posting about these you may draw in awareness from someone looking for care. For example, a post about breast cancer awareness month may reach someone recently diagnosed and comfort or guide them to your practice for care.

If you are not sure how to market your practice for each season, give the experts at Marstudio Inc. a call for a free consultation today!