The “Must Haves” of a Medical Practice Website

Medical Website Needs

You already know a website is essential for any medical practitioner or healthcare provider, but just what are the elements that site needs? We have the answer right here and it all comes down to the classic model of who, what, when, where, and how.


Your website needs to state who you are, that is a given, but you also need to make sure you’ve made an impression on prospective clients before they even click the “About” page. This means having a clear value proposition prominently located on the homepage. It should be short and concise in its summary of what quality and type of care you provide. After all, in the Internet age, you only have a few seconds to make a first impression before users decide to click elsewhere. Let them know why they should continue to be interested in your company.

Your website should have a team page, consisting of the names and credentials of your practitioners. Health scares can be a stressful situation and people want to feel confident in their caregivers. Putting your credentials up front along with any relevant names and positions is one of the best ways to build that confidence. Real photos are also important on these pages as they show users these doctors are real people, giving a face to the name. It seems simple, but it certainly builds trust.

Along the lines of showing off your credentials, a blog page can go a long way. Blogs can help establish credibility, giving your company the chance to prove to users that you are truly an expert in the field. Additionally, having an active blog helps boost your website visibility through search engines, allowing your company to reach a broader range of users.


What does your company do? Having that information be easily accessible and user-friendly is key. If patients are suffering from a specific condition, they will look for someone who specializes in that kind of care. Having that information strategically placed out and distributed allows users to get the information they need when they need it.
If you offer multiple services, put them all front and center, allowing patients to click on the services they require. These pages are also great for explaining in detail the kind of care you give, the procedures you use, and why your practice is the best suited to deliver them.

Patient testimonials are another great credibility booster. Through this function, patients can cycle through the success stories, coming straight from the mouths of other patients themselves. You’re good at what you do, so let your patients chime in to help prove it!


When are you open? Are there urgent care options? Are you open on certain holidays? All of this information is critical for your website. Your contact information should be easy to find, making sure users won’t miss this essential content.


Where are you located? Once again, this is the kind of information users want to know almost immediately. Make sure your contact pages aren’t hidden and if you have multiple branches, make sure they are all listed out. Neglecting to update these could mean a loss in potential business.


Can people book an appointment online? This could be extremely useful for patients. After all, these days, people are more likely to find information online rather than by picking up the phone. Online booking appointment forms are a small aspect that makes a huge difference.

Similarly, patient resources sections are a great way to cater to existing patients through your website. It is a good idea to go through the procedures for basic appointments, what health insurances are accepted, what patients can expect, and more. Patient forms with instructions are also a great tool to keep inpatient resources tabs, allowing patients easy access to these documents.

Do you have all these elements on your website? Is your website up to date or in need of a refresh? MEDmar Solutions is happy to help. Call us today to schedule a consultation to discuss all your branding needs.