Why the Extensive Brand Identity Process Is Essential for ROI

The other day I saw a post on Facebook that threw me. A company was searching for a designer to “quickly whip up a few logos.” No. Time and thoughtfulness go into creating a brand identity―the logo and everything else that tells a company’s story. A brand identity is the first thing potential customers see and is often…
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The Benefits of DBA Marketing: Specialty Marketing – The MEDmar Approach

Marketing is the foundation for business development and finding ways to combine the two seamlessly is key to successfully running a company that is constantly growing. In this blog series, “The Benefits of DBA Marketing,” we will discuss how Marstudio, in an effort to keep our growth constant, uses a Doing Business As (DBA) method,…
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How to Use Consumer Personas to Identify your Target Market

Imagine an Olympic archer lining up to shoot, bow and arrow at the ready, but with no bullseye in sight. No way of measuring success, accuracy, or skill. That would take away a lot of the excitement from the sport. Archery without a bullseye as the goal is similar to marketing without a target market.…
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