How Medical Practices Should Adjust Their Marketing For Covid

Covid has created a feeling of turmoil and confusion. Your practice should adjust to streamline the communication between you and your clients. By maintaining a healthy line of communication you will give your clients ease of mind and reassurance. Website Not only is your website a reflection of your brand, for some it is the…
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How Social Media Can Help Build Your Medical Practice

People are looking to the internet more than ever to diagnose their symptoms. With the current climate this is especially true. Not only is cold and flu season upon us but Covid-19 has been causing more people to be concerned with their health. Social media is a great way for doctors to reach their current…
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Effective Medical Marketing During COVID

COVID-19 has been strenuous on everyone, no one more so than the hospitals and healthcare systems. Marketers play a crucial role during this pandemic to ensure they can sustain their business during the short-term and long-term effects of COVID. The pandemic has caused many to rely on their phones and computers for access to information.…
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How To Market Your Healthcare Business During COVID-19

Even now, COVID-19 has left a lot of businesses and companies in an area of uncertainty. For those in the healthcare industry, however, the pressure is on now more than ever. Many healthcare workers find themselves wondering ‘how can I spread the word about new, important information and what we’re doing to combat this disease?’…
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Why Doctors Should Consider Online Advertising

Online advertising is a great tool to help spread the word about your practice. Now more than ever, it is a necessity for medical and healthcare professionals. Here’s why. Reviews Matter Online reviews matter more than ever before. With the help of online platforms like Yelp and Google reviews, reviews on businesses are easier to…
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Tips for Picking a Logo for Your Healthcare Business

No matter what industry you’re in, logos play a vital part in the formation of a brand. Oftentimes, logos serve as the “first impression” people have of your company, making it increasingly important to make sure that first impression is a good one. Here are some things to remember about picking a logo for your…
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Medical Website Mobile Friendly

Why Your Medical Website Should Be Mobile-Friendly

These days, almost everything is done from our smartphones right in the palms of our hands. Everything from researching a company to actually scheduling appointments is done online and the stats on that are increasing rapidly. As a medical practitioner, your business has to adapt to fit the growing market need for mobile-friendly websites. In…
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Medical Website Needs

The “Must Haves” of a Medical Practice Website

You already know a website is essential for any medical practitioner or healthcare provider, but just what are the elements that site needs? We have the answer right here and it all comes down to the classic model of who, what, when, where, and how. Who Your website needs to state who you are, that…
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Medical Branding

Why Branding is Important in the Healthcare Industry

Why would branding matter in healthcare? With the medical industry and the way consumers interact with it changing every day, it becomes critical to make your company stand out. Essentially, an increase in consumer choice is what drives healthcare branding. The Problem Previously, medical professionals were able to just instruct clients to go to a…
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Why Your Medical Practice Needs a Website

Imagine a physician’s office not having a phone. There would be no way for patients, potential patients, outside organizations, or any other important parties to ask questions, learn about services, or set an appointment unless they walked in the office. There would be no form of communication. We tell our clients that a website is…
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